A Brief Look Into The Psychology of Collecting

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You could say this site is dedicated to all of the knife lovers out there. Exquisite Knives is all about selling and showcasing…exquisite knives. Our knives are all high-end collector’s knives that have been forged by some of the most accomplished and well-regarded blademasters of their time—including the legendary Bob Loveless.

Why Do Knife Lovers

One of the constants of civilized human history was the
propensity for a select amount of individuals to collect various objects and
paraphernalia. This urge is so strong and consistent across populations that it
is almost certainly a product of some deeply human character trait or
archetype. In a sense, collectors—while extraordinarily passionate about what
they collect, may not be that discriminate in what they collect. While there
are many lifetime enthusiasts, many people who collect have gone through phases
in life, collecting whatever suits their fancy at the time.

Knife collectors are a breed of their own. Unlike many other
collecting hobbies, many knife collectors unintentionally start their
collections. Collectors knives are interesting because unlike an expensive
watch which can still be used as a clock, many collectors knives are not
exactly intended to be used. There is something viscerally primal about a
knife, it is a multi-use tool that was one of the first tools ever created. In
a way, knives are a timeless part of our history. Seeing an exquisitely crafted
knife is all about contrast, it is a refined version of something primal. All
knives are dangerous, but they possess an elegance about them that draws many
people in.

Psychology of Knife Collecting Simplified

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Like any great hobby, there are many, many nuances to knife
collecting. If we had to simplify collecting down to its essentials, it would
be two things:

  1. The Object. The object, in this case, is the knife. Of course, if you are passionate about knife collecting, you probably have a great interest in the knives themselves. So, of course, the primary joy of collecting a knife is to get your hands on the actual knife! There is a joy in adding to the collection, appraising a new addition and admiring its unique characteristics relative to the other items you possess.
  2. The Chase. For many people, the true collecting addiction lies here. When you start collecting things that are rare and difficult to find, there is an excitement and an exhilaration to tracking it down and then attempting to acquire it. The second part of the chase is typically the negotiation, as rare items tend to already be owned by others who may or may not be willing to part with it. The heart of collecting comes down to a love of that ancient art of trading and bargaining. Trying to get a good deal is like playing a game, and when you manage to track a knife down and get a good deal for it, there’s no greater feeling.

Best Collectors

If you’re searching for some of the rarest custom knives in
the world, you can find them here in our shop. We have had knives from Bill
Moran, Bob Loveless, Ron Lake, and the list goes on! For more information on
ordering custom knives please call (760)-945-7177.

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