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Being kind if a knife nerd myself, I recently bought a fantastic book by metallurgist Dr. Larrin Thomas of Knife Steel Nerds. I have to say I am blown away. Larrin has put in an incredible amount of work into creating what is quite possibly the most important and accessible resource for knifemakers ever published. Prepare to rethink what you know about knife steel.

From the Author

  •  How to make knives cut longer, cut better, and resist chipping and breaking.
  •  What parameters to modify to solve knife performance issues.
  •  How sharpening affects knife performance.
  •  Recommended steels to use in different applications.
  •  Simple, clear explanations along with diagrams and illustrations to show what happens in different heat treatment processes. 

*Disclosure: As an Amazon.com affiliate, I do receive compensation for recommending items to my readers. 


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