A Rare and Legendary Collection of 17th Century Weapons: A Guide for the Bladesmith and Knife Collector

A Rare and Legendary Collection of 17th Century Weapons: A Guide for the Bladesmith and Knife Collector

The world of bladesmithing and knife collecting is filled with rare items, legendary weapons, and epic stories. But few collections can stand up to the quality and historical significance of the collection of 17th century arms and edged weapons. This collection is sure to bring a sense of pride to all ABS mastersmiths, bladesmiths, knifemakers, and collectors who view it. 

17th century weapons are some of the rarest and most sought-after blades in the world. From swords to daggers, these weapons have a long and fascinating history, with many of them still prized by collectors today. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most legendary blades of that era, as well as their significance in modern knife collecting. 

The Rapier

The rapier is perhaps one of the most iconic weapons that can be traced back to the 17th century. It was originally designed for thrusting attacks but it later evolved into a slashing weapon as well.

This type of sword was often used in duels and was popular among both civilian and military personnel alike. The rapier is still a highly sought after treasure for weapon and knife collectors today, with antique models fetching very high prices at auctions. 

The Smallsword

The smallsword is another popular weapon from this time period. This type of sword was typically made for fencing rather than for dueling and therefore it had a much more slender blade when compared to other swords from the era.

These weapons were also often decorated with intricate, beautiful designs and delicate engravings which made them even more desirable among collectors. Smallswords are still highly sought after by weapon and knife collectors today due to their rarity and beauty. 

The Backsword/The Cutlass

Another popular weapon from the 17th century time period is the backsword or cutlass, which has a single-edged curved blade that could be used either for cutting or thrusting attacks. This type of sword was favored primarily by sailors in this time period due to its lighter weight and versatility.

This made the backsword an ideal choice for those who had to endure combat while living in close-quarters on their ships at sea. This antique weapon is still a highly collectible item today due to its unique design and craftsmanship. 

Épée de Combat

Last but not least, there’s the épée de combat or combat épée, which was specifically designed for dueling when deadly force was allowed on both sides. This type of sword was used in a variety of different ways during the 17th century.

Some of these included self-defense, as well as, entertainment purposes such as fencing competitions between two opponents. Many antique épée’s are still collected by enthusiasts today due to their unique design elements and historical importance. 

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17th century weapons have earned their place in history thanks to their exquisite craftsmanship and unique design elements. From rapiers to smallswords to cutlasses to epees de combat, these rare blades are still highly sought after by weapons and knife collectors today due to their historical significance.

Whether you’re an ABS mastersmith or just a knife collector who appreciates these rare pieces of artistry – it’s easy to see why these 17th century weapons remain so incredibly desirable even centuries later.

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