A Year of Submitted Photos

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who sent me photos of their knives over the past year. I see everything from a new maker’s very first knife to exceptionally crafted knives from seasoned pros; from all corners of the globe! Each photo I receive shows how much people are enjoying the knifemaking process and the results.

I’ve often said that it takes many hats to make a knife. Each of us is a student of metal working, wood working, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, leather craft, photography and most of all patience.

In these difficult times, I hope that everyone is staying safe. Although we can’t always control the the things that happen in our lives, we can strive to make the best of any situation. If this means getting a little extra time in the shop to hone your craft, then we should take advantage of it.

Here is a collage of knife photos makers have sent me from March 2019 to now.

(click the image to see the larger version)

Thank you again. I am looking forward to seeing what you are getting into in the next year!


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