Blank Blade Butchers Cleaver Chef’s Knife

Blank Blade Butchers Cleaver Chef’s Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Kitchen Professional Butchers Blank Blade Knife 1431

This custom Damascus Butchers Cleaver Chef Knife Blank has a Rockwell rating of HRC 58 & is made of 1095/15N20 Steel. This blade consist six 1095 carbon steel and five high nickel 15N20 steel bars which are welded and folded five times to get 176 layers. 11-5/16″ Overall, 1-7/8″ Tall & apx 3/16″ Thick. The Blade is 6-1/2″. Ready for you to add your custom handles, polish up and have a true custom made knife. Rough handle scales should be at least 1-1/2″ X 5″ X 3/16″ thick.
The Blade is Elegantly Hand Grinned With Top Side Left With False Edge.
Note:Razor is sharp but still may need to be honed before use..
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