Collecting Knives: 7 Tips That Will Change How You Collect

Collecting Knives: 7 Tips That Will Change How You Collect

Working with a reputable purveyor/dealer of rare and custom knives like our team at Exquisite Knives, will surely enhance the knife acquisition experience. In doing so, the buyer/collector will develop a sense of trust, knowing that their time and money is well spent, as the dealer provides sound advice and access to certain knives that would otherwise be difficult to find. While talking with a dealer offers an educational opportunity, this is just the tip of the iceberg when forging ahead with your knife-collecting journey. What are the questions that buyers and collectors should be asking about collecting knives in California? Going to the source is certainly a good place to start. Here is some insight on collecting knives: 7 tips that will change how you collect.

#1- Be Cognizant Of The Knife Collecting Trends

Loveless knife specialist John Denton, knows a thing or two on the importance of staying informed. As he describes–” This has got to be through the old way of human contact, sort of like the lunchroom in school. You hang out, listen, see what is moving, what dealers are buying, and of course, now with the inter-web, we have so much more information within seconds, while in the 70s or 80s we had to wait for BLADE Magazine or the gun magazines to run stories on Loveless.” We can’t sum it up any better than this. Much of a collector’s knowledge comes from the knife collecting community. Face to face is still an important part of collecting knives in California.

#2- Maker Charisma

Gauging is an integral part of the process for garnering info on the dealer’s intuition and experience. An important question to ask is how the dealer determines what makes a knife or knife maker popular? A lot of this depends on whether the maker has the kind of personality that appeals to the knife enthusiast. When a collector first interacts with a collector, the collector often has a picture in their head of what the maker will be like.

#3- Customer Service

The maker being willing to repair knives when there is an issue, is also very significant. It can easily make the difference in a collector continuing to purchase a maker’s work. This is also a determining factor in whether someone continues to collect the knives over time. After all, the collector has spent a good chunk of change on their collection. If you are ever in need of specific services for repairing or maintaining your knives, Exquisite Knives can point in the right direction for who to defer to! Any issues that do come up can be painlessly solved.

#4- Continually Doing Your Homework

Given the price point of many custom knives in today’s booming marketplace, we strongly recommend that collectors do their homework before going out and purchasing a knife. Even though it can add more time to the process and hobby, it’s necessary to do. In the long term, this will make you feel great about every knife you have bought, and your wallet will thank you too. 

#5- Set An Allowance For Yourself

Everyone has spending limits. The role of the dealer will typically involve assisting clients in determining how much to spend. Recognizing the amount of disposable income available keeps a buyer on their toes in this ever-changing game. 

#6- Always Collect With A Purpose

Consumers should be doing what is needed to acquire knowledge on prices, and more importantly, assessing their real purpose for buying custom knives in the first place. Collectors should be educated. The art of collecting is so much more than just turning a profit. Approaching collecting in this manner is quite risky. Instead, you should look at collecting knives in California from more of a realistic lens. Buy what you like first and worry about resale later. Because if it doesn’t pan out, then you won’t have to hold onto something you don’t like. In taking a measured approach, it will be more feasible to stay successful. If you need additional advice, the knife market is not short of resources in top dealers. See what their purpose for collecting is and how it potentially aligns with your own.

#7- Attend Knife Shows That Fit

Knife shows are one of many ways to gain valuable insight and to see what else is out there. Attending shows that mean the most to that person’s needs and wants, helps in the education process and with finding people and knives that enhance the experience. Reasons for attending a show can be varying, but a plethora of avid collectors love it for the diversity of custom knives that are for sale.

Collecting Knives In California With a Premiere Knife Shop

Your questions are endless, and the knife community is very accepting of this. The enjoyment of collecting can be boundless, especially with a premiere knife shop in California. If you have done the work to implement these tips into your purchasing decisions, you are then ready for the next step and arguably the most exciting one–purchasing a knife from Exquisite Knives. Contact us today or visit our shop to see what’s in store for you and your collection.

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