KN76A – Hidden Tang Kitchen Utility in CPMS35VN and Desert Ironwood

Not every kitchen knife needs to have a great big blade. In some kitchens, a nimble medium sized knife takes on all the day-to-day chores. 

This type of knife is smaller and lower profile than a chef’s knife, but will have a similar length handle for a familiar work feel. Ideally, the kitchen utility will be lightweight and the balance point will be dead-on pinch-grip point. 

This blade is 6″ long and asymmetrically ground, meaning the right side is beveled but the left side is relatively flat. Being asymmetric, the blade geometry pushes the thing being sliced away from the right handed user.

As desert ironwood is very dense, to get the balance right, I have used some dense materials like stainless steel and copper at the bolster. The hidden tang and a stainless steel screw extends secretly way back into into the handle. The back end of the handle is drilled with a Forstener bit to accept a special nut, allowing the handle to be tightened up. The hole is plugged with a tapered plug and epoxied. 

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