Myths About Custom Knives – Exquisite Knives

Myths About Custom Knives – Exquisite Knives

To say that custom knives are one of a kind would be a gross understatement. Custom knife collectors in California who appreciate the quintessence of craftsmanship should own at least one custom knife. As great as custom knife collecting is, there are some persistent myths that can distract consumers from what matters most. Our team at Exquisite Knives not only distributes rare and custom knives, but we also seek to educate or in this case, dispel commonly-held myths about custom knives. We hope that when it’s all said and done, that you display more reverence and diligence in your passion and pursuits of knife collecting. 

Myth #1- Custom Knives Are Just For Visual Aesthetics

High-quality knives are, without a doubt, made by people who know everything there is to know about knives. Knife creators know a thing or two about what makes a great knife. Elements like design, steel, heat treating, balance, and ergonomics, are a few of many factors that go into the process of creating custom knives. Additionally, there is an unwavering attention to detail that cannot be replicated or even located in the outside world. Custom knives are not just for the aesthetics. They are designed to be used. That is the intent of the knifemaker and that is what is encouraged.

Myth #2- Custom Knives Are Delicate

The qualities that make knives usable, will also render them capable of being used for more serious ventures. Custom knife collectors in California and knife makers can confidently say that knives are anything but fragile. Quite the opposite is true, actually. All knives are individually handmade. The maker is involved in every aspect of knife creation, from start to finish. Much is on the line when making a knife, especially the curator’s pride and reputation. After all, their name will eventually adorn the piece they created. So, don’t fret. Buy your custom knife with the utmost level of confidence in your purchase. 

Myth #3- Custom Knives Are Limited, Not Much Variety

Arguably one of the most asinine myths of them all, is this one. One look at our wide selection of custom knives will confirm it. So where did the root of this misconception come from? Well, it could be the fact that “custom knife” was viewed as synonymous with Bowies, ornate daggers, etc. While there is no disputing that knives fitting these descriptions are readily available, the world of custom-knives is uniquely diverse. As more and more individuals have taken up the craft, many in the community have seen an uproar in new culture and artistic influences. Variety and quality are never lacking. 

Exquisite Knives: Catering To Custom Knife Collectors In California

One of the best aspects of owning a custom knife is knowing that no one else has a piece quite like it. Exquisite Knives is happy to satiate your passion of collecting these valuable pieces of art. To learn more about what is currently available in our inventory, contact us today or browse through our online store. We look forward to seeing you! 


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