Offer knives and cutlery pieces!

Offer knives and cutlery pieces!

Goyon-Chazeau proposes a selection of table knives to offer to epicureans and lovers of tableware.

One of the first selection criteria for a table knife is the handle.

We design them from a wide variety of materials: acrylic, wood, horn, stainless steel… There is something for everyone, and for every purpose!


Elegant and pleasant to the touch, wooden handles give the table knives a warm, refined and traditional look. Goyon-Chazeau offers you the choice of twenty different woods such as:

  • kingwood
  • Olive
  • Rosewood
  • Juniper
  • Snakewood
  • Ebony
  • Birch




With a wide range of colors combined with a glossy finish, the acrylic handles are ideal for those who like to dress original tables, colorful and in harmony with their porcelain or their table cloth.

Composite materials

Composite materials have the advantage of being resistant and easy to maintain.
They do not require special attention.

Paperstone handles, for example, are dishwasher safe. Again, you have the choice between different colors: black, gray, sand & mocha.



Rare and precious materials

Finally, for lovers of tables of excellence, we offer noble materials such as horn, deer horn, buffalo rind and rare materials such as warthog ivory and various materials from mammoths.

And style !

The handle is of course only one of the selection criteria for a table knife.
The shape is also important.

Our Stylver model, for example, all in curves, offers totally different ergonomics and style from a model like the P’tit Tradi for example which, as its name suggests, assumes a more classic and sober style.


Is one of your relatives a professional or amateur cook? Instead, offer one of our kitchen knives!

Find here all the materials and colors available for our handles, and choose the model to offer to the person of your choice.

Goyon-Chazeau also offers you to add a personalized engraving to your knives (in boxes or individually).

You want to leave the choice of the model? We also offer gift vouchers to use on our online store!

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