The different cutlery pieces and knives

The different cutlery pieces and knives

The cheese cleaver is used to cut hard cheeses that will be served with the cheese fork.
The cheese knife is used to cut, pick and serve, thank to its long blade with 2 tines.
It is available in 2 sizes: the small one (the one delivered in GOYON-CHAZEAU’s cheese set) can be used as a cheese serving knife (for cheese tray) or as an individual cheese knife (for the plate); the large one will be used as a serving cheese knife only

These basic cheese pieces are sometimes supplemented by other service accessories specific to certain cheeses.

Ideal for spreading, the spreader well hold its name.
Its large, round blade and its small size make it the ideal partner for easily searing and spreading butter, jam, fresh cheeses and other aperitif spreads, on any type of gourmet support.

Rather for individual use (one spreader per guest or per spread paste), it is to be distinguished from the butter knife which, longer, is to be considered as a serving piece.

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