The different types of knives

The different types of knives

They are also named « pocket knives » or « closing knives ». These knives are designed to be carried anywhere, and always have a blade locking system for safety.

Among the main locking systems you will find the forced notch, the locking ring, the pump, the thumbwheel, etc., all efficient and able to seduce their audience.

If, as for all other knives, ergonomics is a choice criterion, a special attention is generally paid to pocket knife’s aesthetics because it is both a companion, a tool and a “gem” that we love to use, to appropriate, show off, and personalize.

Many are those who make a collection of folding knives.

Variety in the materials used for the handles (wood, horns, bone, etc.) and blades (carbon, stainless steel, damask steels,…) also allow to find the folding knife that suits to each!


Coutellerie Goyon-Chazeau is one of the last French brands that offers kitchen knives, table knives and pocket knives handmade in France.

Discover our offer, and, in particular, the Le Thiers and Stylver knives with lines available for kitchen, table, and pocket.

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