Things to Consider When Starting a Knife Collection

Knife collecting is one of those hobbies that—if you’re passionate about it, it can consume you! Passion is a dangerous thing; however, we’ve got some useful tips for you on collecting knives or starting a knife collection that can make things much simpler, take it from us.

Decide Which Type of Custom Knife You Want

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Yet many people do not approach collecting with any sort of method to their madness. It’s not unusual, considering how collections often begin by accident. You purchase one knife, really enjoy it but wish it had one quality or the other. No knife can have it all, so what do you do? You get another knife, of course! Next thing you know, you have 5-6 knives and that can be called a small collection of sorts.

If you really want to take this up as a hobby, it’s best to really understand what type of knives you want to collect. There are so many in the world, it would take more than one lifetime and boatloads of money to collect them all.

Try to think about which qualities you most enjoy in your knives. Do you like something lightweight, or do you prefer heft in the hand? Is compactness a factor or not? That will determine whether you’d like to collect folders or fixed-blade knives. You may not have to compromise here, which brings us to our next point.

What is Your Budget for Collecting Knives?

Budget is just as important when starting a collection. While expensive collectors’ knives certainly are something to behold, the love of knife collecting extends all the way down to that first cheap knife you were in love with. Like all things, there comes a point where price and quality are not tightly correlated. Set a budget that is reasonable for you at the the time and collect knives within that budget, this is especially true if you need many knives capable of being used.

It’s always been a point of contention whether a collectors knife should be used, at least according to Bob Loveless. Loveless said whether a knife ended up in a museum or a cabinet was not up to the knifemaker, but history.

Always Keep Your Eye on the Market

So, you know what type of knife you want to collect. You also know what budget you’re working with. Now, it’s time for the fun stuff. Just as owning a knife you wanted is enjoyable, so too will you learn to enjoy searching for it at the right price.

Like purchasing anything, prospecting is important if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Keep your eye on many different places where knives are sold or traded. However, it isn’t just good enough to learn to buy when the price is right. It’s also equally important to know how to inspect the quality of a knife when the time comes to purchase or meet for a trade. While we’ve made a great many friends and fellow collectors, like all hobbies that involve trading, there are always people look to hoodwink or scam you. You can avoid this by becoming a keen judge of quality.

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