Tips for Storing or Displaying your Knife Collection

Tips for Storing or Displaying your Knife Collection

If you are an avid knife collector in California, then you are more than aware of the importance of knife storage. Knives hold much sentimental value for their collectors, so it only makes sense to properly store them away, preserving their beauty and longevity for many years to come. Part of our job with Exquisite Knives is to educate the community on the latest tips and tricks for getting the most out of their growing collection. For today’s post, we will be sharing some tips for storing or displaying your knife collection. 

#1- Using a Knife Bag

The knife bag is a viable option for folders, especially if you enjoy carrying your knives out every so often. Knife storage bags come in a plethora of sizes, and they can be made from top grain leather, vinyl, canvas, and heavy-duty polyester. The insides often include felt, thick foam padding, and soft cloth material for scratch-free storage. Many knife bags come equipped with adjustable shoulder straps for easy carry and either zippered or velcro closures for safe keeping.

#2- Knife roll

The knife roll is a convenient method for storing knives in a rolled up bundle. This accessory will save space and keep your knives out of harm’s way. A majority of rolls consist of soft-interior linings made from felt, cloth, or softer fabrics, these soft-interior linings. The exteriors of knife rolls are made of either PVC, leather, vinyl, canvas, or polyester. The materials of knife rolls are not at all abrasive, so you can rest assured knowing that your precious collectibles are always safeguarded.

#3- Knife display case

For a knife collector in California who likes to leave their collection at home and never move them, maybe a knife display case for your collection is in order? Thankfully, you will not be restricted in your choices, but you will still need to determine how large of a case is needed.

#4- Protector Cases

Protector cases, much like the ones used for firearms, are an exceptional storing method for your rare and custom knives. The cases that feature egg crate material will hold knives in place pretty well. In addition to this, many of these cases feature a locking mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about others in your household (like small children) getting into the case and hurting themselves. 

#5- Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips are long, rectangular pieces of metal that are magnetized to hold knives. Commonly used to store kitchen knives, magnetic knife strips could do wonders for the conventional collection too. It allows the collector to display them very elegantly, and accessing them is much more feasible.

Storing or Displaying your Knife Collection

Storing or displaying your knife collection is one of the biggest responsibilities of being a knife collector. Now that you have the cutting edge information to maintain your collection, the next step is to make an informed purchasing decision on an accessory that you believe is the best fit. If you are in need of more information on how to properly protect your sacred collection or are looking to add onto your collection, Exquisite Knives is happy to help. Feel free to visit our shop today or browse through our online inventory to see what’s currently available. 

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