Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield Perfect Gift

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Unleash Your Inner Berserker: Oaken Carved Viking Shield with Bear Totem

Embrace the Power of the Bear: Symbol of Ferocity and Strength

  • This shield features a bear head carved in oak wood, attached to the center of the plywood base, with ornamental relief carved along the rim and decorative steel bolts.
  • The bear head carving also features oaken leaves and acorns, forming a ring around the head and claws. Berserker warriors were commonly related to bears due to the animals’ huge strength and ferocity, which the famous warriors displayed on their shields as well as in their combat style.
  • The shield base is made out of 15mm thick birch wood, and finished with wood staining and varnishing with linen seed oil and acrylic transparent coating. The bear head composition was carved separately on a 50 mm thick stabilized oak or beech wood piece, and attached to the base.
  • Size – 24 inches in diameter (61 cm)
  • Weight – 8 pounds (3.5 kg)

Channel Ancient Wisdom:

Step into the world of Viking warriors with our Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield. Crafted from sturdy oak wood and adorned with a hand-carved bear totem, this shield embodies the primal power and ferocity of the berserkers – legendary Norse warriors known for their fearlessness and battle prowess. Let the spirit of the bear guide you as you embark on your own epic adventures.

Handcrafted Excellence:

At the heart of our shield lies masterful craftsmanship. Each intricate detail of the bear totem is meticulously carved by skilled artisans, ensuring that every shield is a unique work of art. Made with precision and care, our shield is not just a piece of armor but a symbol of Viking heritage and tradition.

Harness the Strength of the Ancients: Protection and Durability

Battle-Tested Construction:

Prepare for battle with confidence, knowing that our Viking shield is built to withstand the toughest of challenges. The oaken wood construction provides exceptional durability and resilience, while the hand-carved details add an extra layer of protection and visual appeal. Whether you’re engaging in historical reenactments, participating in LARP battles, or showcasing it as a piece of art, our shield is sure to make a statement.

Versatile Utility:

Beyond the battlefield, our shield serves as a versatile tool for various activities and occasions. Use it as a striking centerpiece for your home decor, a prop for theatrical productions, or a focal point for themed events and gatherings. Wherever you go, let our Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield be a symbol of your connection to Norse heritage and tradition.

Embrace Your Inner Warrior: Versatility and Authenticity

Epic Cosplay Essential:

Elevate your cosplay experience with our Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield. Perfect for portraying fearsome Viking warriors or adding an authentic touch to your costume, this shield is a must-have accessory for any enthusiast. Let your imagination run wild as you channel the strength and ferocity of the berserkers, inspiring awe and admiration wherever you go.

Showcase Your Viking Pride:

Display our shield proudly in your home or office as a symbol of your connection to Viking heritage and culture. Hang it on the wall as a striking piece of decor or use it as a centerpiece for your collection. With its stunning craftsmanship and symbolic significance, our Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield is sure to captivate and inspire all who behold it.

8 reviews for Berserker Bear Totem Oaken Carved Viking Shield Perfect Gift

  1. Austin

    Absolutely fabulous! We love them so much.

  2. Anne Evert

    This is a great product and a great store! The custom shield I ordered has great detail and good colors. The office did great communicating ideas, expectations and the timeline.

  3. Peter Sotos

    This is an amazing product. It came perfect! I will be using this in my Viking wedding and can’t wait!!!

  4. Lara Wutzke

    Extremely cool product and something that’s going to make this a very different event for us! Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. Donny Tudahl

    Beautiful Shield!!!! Better than expected even with my minor alteration

  6. Olga Baszczynska

    I LOVE it! I just received it and I’m so excited by the quality and the painting. It’s completely perfect.

  7. Levia

    item is very well made. my husband loves it and it will work great for our ren fair costume.

  8. abbyjodougherty

    A piece of art!! I’m so glad I bought from them. I’m so happy I might have to buy another! 🙂

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