Handmade Damascus Glamdring Sword Lord of Rings With Leather Sheath

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Rule the Battle: Handmade Damascus Glamdring Sword

Product Details:

— Custom Made Damascus Steel
— Twist Pattern
— Total Length: 36″
— Blade Length: 26″
— Blade Width: 1.90″
— Handle Material: Blue Handle, Pommel Guard
— HRC 55-58 Razor Sharp Cutting Edge
— Comes With Sheath

Unleash the Magic: Legendary Sword of Gandalf

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Behold the majesty of our Handmade Damascus Glamdring Sword, a faithful replica of the legendary weapon wielded by Gandalf the Grey. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sword features intricate engravings and a razor-sharp Damascus steel blade, ensuring its place as a prized possession for any Lord of the Rings enthusiast.

Authentic Design:

Step into the world of Middle-earth with our authentic Glamdring Sword replica. From its elegantly curved hilt to its enchanting blue gemstone pommel, every aspect of this sword captures the essence of Tolkien’s iconic creation. Whether displayed in your home or wielded in cosplay, let this sword transport you to a realm of magic and adventure.

Power and Prestige: Symbol of Wizardry and Valor

Channel Gandalf’s Wisdom:

Harness the wisdom and power of Gandalf with our Damascus Glamdring Sword. As you wield this iconic weapon, you’ll feel the strength and courage of the legendary wizard coursing through you. Let its presence inspire you to stand tall in the face of adversity and embrace your inner hero.

Legendary Legacy:

Pay homage to J.R.R. Tolkien’s timeless masterpiece with our Glamdring Sword replica. Crafted to honor the legacy of the Lord of the Rings saga, this sword serves as a tangible connection to the rich lore and mythology of Middle-earth. Join the fellowship and embark on your own epic quest with this iconic piece of fantasy history.

12 reviews for Handmade Damascus Glamdring Sword Lord of Rings With Leather Sheath

  1. Charles umbanhowar

    Item arrived earlier than expected. Great quality

  2. Wolfman

    Fantastic! I love it!! A Quality piece.

  3. Emily Potter

    Nice sword fast shipping A +

  4. Kayte Ray

    Absolutely amazing quality – awesome purchase.

  5. Elsa Higbie

    Little excessive on the oil it shipped with.

  6. Koko Oliv

    Great product, would buy again!

  7. Cindy

    Item is above what I thought it would be,husband loves it

  8. Meg ritter

    Beautifully made, met all my expectations.

  9. Abbey

    Great quality! Will buy again in the future!

  10. Jennifer Collins

    Sword is awesome just some delivery hick ups

  11. Dominic Quiroz

    Thank you. Item received as described.

  12. Aaron Musson

    The item arrived in a timely manner, well oiled and safely wrapped.

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