Custom Damascus Steel King Arthur Sword Lord of Rings Sword with Leather Sheath

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Unleash Legendary Power: Custom Damascus King Arthur Sword

Product Details:

— Custom Made Damascus Steel
— Twist Pattern
— Total Length: 38.5″
— Blade Length: 29″
— Blade Width: 1.90″
— Handle Material: Leather
— HRC 55-58 Razor Sharp Cutting Edge
— Comes With Sheath

Majesty of Myth: Iconic Sword of King Arthur

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

Behold the majesty of our Custom Damascus King Arthur Sword, a masterful recreation of the legendary weapon wielded by the fabled King Arthur. Crafted by skilled artisans, this sword boasts impeccable attention to detail, featuring a Damascus steel blade with intricate patterns and a hilt adorned with regal embellishments.

Symbol of Sovereignty:

Step into the realm of myth and legend with our King Arthur Sword replica. From its ornate crossguard to its majestic pommel, every aspect of this sword exudes the grandeur and power associated with the legendary King of Camelot. Whether displayed as a collector’s piece or wielded in ceremonial events, let this sword command attention and respect.

Embark on Epic Quests: Sword of Noble Knights

Channel Arthurian Valor:

Embrace the spirit of chivalry and honor with our Damascus King Arthur Sword. As you wield this iconic weapon, you’ll feel the courage and nobility of the Knights of the Round Table coursing through you. Let its presence inspire you to uphold the ideals of justice and righteousness in your own adventures.

Legendary Legacy:

Pay homage to the timeless tales of Arthurian legend with our King Arthur Sword replica. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, this sword serves as a tangible connection to the rich tapestry of medieval mythology. Whether displayed in your home or used in historical reenactments, let this sword become a cherished symbol of heroism and virtue.

12 reviews for Custom Damascus Steel King Arthur Sword Lord of Rings Sword with Leather Sheath

  1. Victoria

    Amazing quality and craftsmanship, highly recommend!

  2. NESMD

    Great sword for use in decoration and display.

  3. James Pratt

    This is very good quality. I would definitely purchase again.

  4. Hunter Masters

    Beautiful sword thank you so much

  5. Edwin Longendorfer

    Amazing sword!! I love it!

  6. Ian

    Gorgeous sword thank you so much

  7. Paul

    great product and service, thank you!

  8. Frank

    This is an awesome product very high quality.

  9. Sean Doherty

    Amazing sword!!!!

  10. Brian McNamara

    Excellent craftsmanship and extremely sharp. A great edition to my collection.

  11. Tara Batbabe

    Absolutely beautiful sword and sheath! And amazing communication

  12. johnnyblue19d

    Excellent Seller! Smooth transaction-no problems!

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