Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield Gift for Him

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Embrace Norse Mythology: Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield

Symbol of Eternal Life: Connection to the World Tree

  • Мade of wood by hand, this piece’s main decorative motif is the old Norse tree of life Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that represented individual growth, uniqueness, and beauty. Like the branches of a tree, we too grow stronger as we progress through life, seeking greater knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences. By carrying such a meaningful symbol on their shields, Viking warriors were communicating their ambition to conquer unknown territories, both physical and spiritual.
  • In addition, the shield is decorated with steel bolts and Viking-style braided knot artwork. It comes with a wood handlebar installed on the back. This shield can be used as a decorative wall hanger or for historical reenactment, LARP, Halloween…
  • Size – 24 inches in diameter (61 cm)
  • Weight – 8 pounds (3.5 kg)
  • Material – 15mm thick birch plywood
  • Because these are handmade products made with natural wood planks the sizes, textures and overall appearance may vary slightly from the photos displayed.

Channel Ancient Wisdom:

Enter the mystical world of Norse mythology with our Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield. Adorned with the legendary Yggdrasil, the cosmic ash tree that connects the nine realms of existence, this shield is a symbol of eternal life, renewal, and interconnectedness. Let the ancient wisdom of Yggdrasil guide you on your journey through the realms of myth and legend.

Intricate Carvings:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Viking shield features intricate carvings of Yggdrasil’s branches, roots, and mystical creatures that inhabit its depths. Each carving tells a story of cosmic creation and the cycles of life and death, making our shield not just a piece of armor but a sacred artifact imbued with the power of the World Tree itself.

Harness the Power of Nature: Strength and Protection

Battle-Tested Durability:

Prepare for battle with confidence, knowing that our Viking shield is built to withstand the rigors of combat. Made from sturdy materials and featuring reinforced edges, it provides reliable protection against enemy attacks while showcasing the beauty and symbolism of Yggdrasil. Whether on the battlefield or displayed as a work of art, our shield stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature.

Versatile Utility:

Beyond its use in battle, our shield serves as a versatile tool for various activities and occasions. Hang it on your wall as a striking piece of home decor, use it as a prop for theatrical productions, or incorporate it into your cosplay ensemble to embody the spirit of Norse mythology. With its timeless design and symbolic significance, our Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield is sure to make a lasting impression.

Embrace Your Inner Viking: Connection to Ancient Tradition

Epic Cosplay Essential:

Elevate your cosplay experience with our Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield. Perfect for portraying legendary Viking warriors or adding an authentic touch to your costume, this shield is a must-have accessory for any enthusiast. Let the spirit of Yggdrasil inspire you as you embody the strength, wisdom, and courage of the Norse heroes of old.

Showcase Your Viking Heritage:

Display our shield proudly in your home or office as a symbol of your connection to Viking heritage and culture. Whether mounted on the wall or placed on a stand, it serves as a reminder of the ancient traditions and beliefs that continue to resonate today. With its exquisite craftsmanship and rich symbolism, our Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life Carved Viking Shield is a timeless piece that honors the legacy of the Viking people.

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  1. Nick O’Reagan

    This shield is great I’m overall very satisfied

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    I was so excited when i received such a beautiful well made product.

  3. Doxius Faust

    Nice items. I am happy with my purchase.

  4. Martyna

    Good service from friendly seller

  5. Adrian Pitman

    Superb quality and the wood is strong and heavy.

  6. Karl

    Beautiful, thank you very much 🤗

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