Double Edge Damascus Steel Viking Axe Beautiful Handle with Leather Sheath

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Conquer with Precision: Double Edge Viking Axe – Unleashing Damascus Steel Mastery

Product Details:

— Axe Head Dimensions: 8″L x 4″W
— Axe Head Thickness: 2″
— Blade Material: 52100 Steel, 5160 Steel, 203E Steel, 15N20 Steel
— Blade Hardness: 58 HRC
— Blade Style: Axe
— Blade Grind: Flat Grind
— Blade Type: Fixed Blade
— Blade Finish: Damascus
— Handle Material: Damascus
— Handle Thickness: 1″
— Overall Length: 17″
— Weight: 1.2 lb
— Sheath Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather

A Legacy in Steel: Double Edged Damascus Beauty

Damascus Steel Marvel:

Introducing our Double Edge Viking Axe, a true marvel forged with the precision of Damascus steel. Each swing echoes the legacy of ancient craftsmanship, with a double-edged blade showcasing the intricate patterns of folded steel. This isn’t just an axe; it’s a work of art designed for those who seek a blend of beauty, functionality, and the unyielding power of double-edged mastery.

Unmatched Sharpness:

Feel the power of unmatched sharpness as you wield the Double Edge Viking Axe. The double-edged blade ensures that every strike is efficient and impactful, making it a versatile tool for various outdoor tasks. From splitting wood to precision carving, this axe is a symbol of excellence, ready to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

Viking Heritage: Design for Warriors

Ergonomic Viking Design:

Immerse yourself in the heritage of Viking warriors with the axe’s ergonomic design. The handle, crafted for comfort and control, allows for extended use without compromising precision. The Viking-inspired aesthetic not only pays homage to history but also infuses your outdoor adventures with a sense of strength, courage, and the indomitable spirit of warriors past.

Dual Purpose Efficiency:

The Double Edge Viking Axe is more than a striking tool; it’s a testament to dual-purpose efficiency. The double-edged design allows for both cutting and hooking actions, making it ideal for tasks that require both finesse and force. Embrace the Viking way – a perfect balance of elegance and effectiveness in a single, masterfully crafted tool.

Damascus Steel Mastery: Strength in Every Swing

Forged for Durability:

Crafted with durability in mind, our Double Edge Viking Axe is a testament to Damascus steel mastery. The folded layers of steel not only create a stunning visual effect but also contribute to the axe’s resilience. With every swing, you’ll experience the enduring strength of a tool that withstands the test of time and nature.

Limited Edition Excellence:

Own a piece of limited edition excellence with our Double Edge Viking Axe. Each axe is part of an exclusive collection, numbered for authenticity. Acquiring one means possessing not just a functional outdoor tool but also a unique work of art that reflects your appreciation for craftsmanship and the pursuit of excellence.

13 reviews for Double Edge Damascus Steel Viking Axe Beautiful Handle with Leather Sheath

  1. Emily Dunn

    Beautifully made, strong handle and cuts well. Def worth the buy, will be using this a while!

  2. TOMMY

    It’s very good quality for to work an looking im thinking about to order e second one. Love it

  3. Emily Hemsworth

    Brilliant quality. Thank you very much!

  4. Caitlin Taylor

    the axe quality is great, there’s not much i can complain about for construction, it’s solid, the leather covers are beautiful

  5. augusto

    Great quality, Gift wrapping amazing thank you 🙂

  6. Dirty Habitz

    Amazing looking axe, but arrived a little late

  7. carolinepritchard70

    Excellent quality as well as very good delivery in these difficult times. I definitely will purchase from this company again.

  8. Deborah

    Everything great, very good quality, but beware of customs duties

  9. Heather

    Item is good like it worth what I bought

  10. Garett Istre

    Best gift ever, will be buying another soon,

  11. IBestial M

    Amazing product, really well made, finish is great

  12. Harbinder Singh

    Great service. The craftsmanship of this blade is outstanding.

  13. Mike Kauffman

    We received the double bladed ax today, much faster than anticipated. My husband LOVES it!!!

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