Smoking Axe Damascus Steel with Leather Sheath

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Elevate Your Smoking Experience: Damascus Steel Smoking Axe with Leather Cover

Product Details:

— Functional Axe & Smoking Pipe
— Axe Head Dimensions: 7″L x 4″W
— Axe Head Thickness: 2″
— Blade Material: 52100 Steel, 5160 Steel, 203E Steel, 15N20 Steel
— Blade Hardness: 58 HRC
— Blade Style: Axe
— Blade Grind: Flat Grind
— Blade Type: Fixed Blade
— Blade Finish: Damascus
— Handle Material: Rose Wood With File Work
— Handle Thickness: 1″
— Overall Length: 19″
— Weight: 1.2 lb
— Sheath Material: Vegetable Tanned Leather

A Fusion of Art and Enjoyment: Smoking in Style

Damascus Steel Mastery:

Introducing our Damascus Steel Smoking Axe – a masterpiece that transcends traditional smoking accessories. Crafted with the precision of Damascus steel, the axe showcases a double-edged blade adorned with mesmerizing patterns. Elevate your smoking ritual with a tool that embodies craftsmanship, uniqueness, and the allure of Damascus steel mastery.

Double-Edged Excellence:

Experience the unmatched sharpness of a double-edged blade designed for both function and aesthetics. The Damascus steel not only ensures a precise cut but also adds a touch of elegance to your smoking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a casual smoker, this Smoking Axe redefines style and sophistication in the world of smoking accessories.

Smoking in Style: Ergonomic Design and Dual Functionality

Ergonomic Smoking Pleasure:

The Smoking Axe is not just a tool; it’s an ergonomic masterpiece designed for your smoking pleasure. The handle, crafted for comfort and control, allows for a relaxed grip during your smoking sessions. Immerse yourself in the dual functionality of this stylish accessory – a smoking tool that enhances your enjoyment and complements your style.

Dual-Purpose Efficiency:

Embrace the versatility of a smoking accessory that goes beyond the ordinary. The double-edged design serves not only as a functional blade but also as a stylish addition to your smoking ritual. Effortlessly cut and prepare your smoking materials with the precision of a Damascus steel blade, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your smoking sessions.

Protection and Portability: Leather Cover Elegance

Custom-Fit Leather Cover:

Preserve the beauty and sharpness of your Smoking Axe with the custom-fit leather cover. Meticulously designed to snugly encase the blade, the cover protects against scratches and ensures safe storage. Slide your axe into this custom-fit cover for secure protection, allowing you to carry your stylish smoking accessory wherever your journey takes you.

Stylish Portability:

Beyond protection, the genuine leather cover adds a touch of style to your smoking routine. Attach it to your belt or pack, showcasing not only a functional tool but also a statement accessory. Wherever your smoking adventures take you, carry your Damascus Steel Smoking Axe with pride, knowing it’s both safeguarded and stylishly portable.

8 reviews for Smoking Axe Damascus Steel with Leather Sheath

  1. AMBChartier

    I bought this for my father. He is over the moon with it, it is beautiful and very well made. It think it’s too pretty to throw in to a tree stump but he disagrees and says it has great weight and works as a tomahawk should. 🙂

  2. Marylu

    Very nice piece for a great price.

  3. Michael

    Gorgeous piece. Very well made.

  4. Patryc Mills

    Outstanding beautiful piece, well made and fast shipping.

  5. Shawn

    Beautiful tool, sharp blade, as described. Might be too pretty to actually use but excellent nontheless

  6. Isolda Crockett

    It’s a show piece. When I bought it I didn’t realize the handle was hollow but the craftsmanship is very good.


    Absolutely Awesome, Thank you !!!

  8. Michael Oharran

    Quality of the item is incredible. I’m going to actually use it soon so I will see how it handles wood and other things etc. As for the hammer side of the tomahawk, I really do wish it was filled with some sort of metal because as a hammer, it is essentially useless. All things aside, it looks excellent.

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