Handmade Damascus Steel Smoking Axe with Leather Sheath

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Embrace Elegance: Handmade Damascus Steel Smoking Axe

Product Details:

— Handmade Axe + Functional Smoking Pipe
— Total Length: 22″
— Cutting Blade Length: 5.75″ (7.75″ Wide)
— Blade Material: Damascus Steel (1095 & 15N20)
— Blade Type: Tomahawk
— Blade Hardness: 56-58 HRC
— Handle: Rose Wood

— Includes Custom Leather Sheath

Crafted Excellence for Discerning Aficionados

Unparalleled Damascus Steel:

Step into the realm of sophistication with our Handmade Damascus Steel Smoking Axe. Each swing carries the legacy of ancient craftsmanship, as the blade reveals the mesmerizing patterns of Damascus steel. Elevate your smoking experience with a tool that transcends utility and becomes an art form.

Smoking Pleasure Redefined:

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey with a smoking axe designed for true aficionados. The balanced design ensures a comfortable grip, making every movement a pleasure. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a novice, this axe transforms your smoking ritual into an elegant and satisfying experience.

Leather Sheath Elegance: A Stylish Sanctuary

Protective Leather Sheath:

Preserve the beauty of your Damascus Steel Smoking Axe with the included Leather Sheath. More than a protective cover, it’s a stylish sanctuary for your prized possession. The genuine leather sheath ensures your axe is ready for action while making a statement about your commitment to both form and function.

Portable Elegance:

Take your smoking experience on the go with the portable elegance of the Leather Sheath. Attach it to your belt or stow it in your bag; this sheath is designed for the modern enthusiast who demands style and functionality. Your axe remains pristine, and you turn heads wherever your journey leads.

18 reviews for Handmade Damascus Steel Smoking Axe with Leather Sheath

  1. Elizabeth

    This hatchet is great! I was expecting it to be a light, wall hanger. This has some good weight to it and feels nice to hold.

  2. Shawn McBride

    Exceeded my expectations

  3. Shane Boyington

    Perfect Christmas gift for our nephew!

  4. Rebsanna

    Excellent quality! Great price for such authentic and exquisite craftsmanship! Extremely pleased!

  5. Justin Shoemaker

    Incredibly beautiful. It has a good weight to it and is easy to swing. The handle is beautiful my only wish is it would have some kind of wrap on the handle to have better grip

  6. Micheal chambers

    Perfect gift this Christmas season.

  7. Mark

    I can give enough praise on this, stunning is all I can say

  8. Zach Ross

    I ask and you definitely delivered. Beautiful work.

  9. Logan Dean

    clearly a piece of art. heavy duty, I love it. I bought one one similar a few years ago and it is nowhere near the quality of this one I bought from you. Beautiful work. Thank you

  10. Maxbehmer

    Beautiful. My husband loves it. Perfect 11th Anniversary gift.

  11. Angel Barba

    Beautiful craftsmanship at a reasonable price!

  12. Carey

    really beautiful and really heavy

  13. Prepper John

    Excellent purchase. Better than expected

  14. Lilli

    It is beautiful! I bought it for my husband for his birthday. I can’t wait to give it to him.. he will love it! Thank you!!

  15. ZumbaJoanie

    Came within the week! Exceeded my expectations in all aspects, and I am so stoked to have purchased this axe. Thanks to the people who put this thing together! Already tested both applications of this axe by splitting some firewood, then packing a bowl in her to contemplate the finer details of life (like this axe).

  16. Chris

    this axe arrived quickly and looks better in person than it did on your page . all that was missing is I think the handle could use a leather wrap for a better grip.

  17. LGriffin360

    I grew up in the Adirondacks, where these were handed down from generation to generation,…this is fitting says this Native.

  18. Jodi Neshek

    Outstanding Tomahawk!! Damascus steel is so beautiful. Fast shipping and awesome customer service!!

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